Fee Refund Program for German Courses

Are you a member of KHYS and interested in learning German? With our Fee Refund Program for German Courses, KHYS offers refunds for participation fees for doctoral researchers and postdocs who successfully attend German classes. You can chose from a range of courses on different levels each semester that are offered by Studienkolleg Karlsruhe. Please find out more about the program and how to apply in our FAQ below. If you have any further questions, you can contact us via ▶ germancourses∂khys.kit.edu.

For postdocs, the funding is provided by the KHYS Postdoc Office, which is supported by the Initiative and Networking Fund of the Helmholtz Association.

The application period for the summer semester 2024 has started, you are able to apply until March 27, 2024. Please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Selection of the course level and online placement test at Studienkolleg
    (not needed for courses A 1.1+, A 1.1.4 and A 1.8 or in case you have already passed the preceding Studienkolleg course)
  2. Application to KHYS for the refund via our event calendar by March 27, 2024
  3. Approval of funding by KHYS until April 5, 2024
  4. Registration for the Studienkolleg course by April 11, 2024
  5. Payment of the registration fee to Studienkolleg within two days upon registration
  6. Sending proof of payment transaction to KHYS via ▶ germancourses∂khys.kit.edu
  7. Regular participation in the course (at least 80% of the course hours)
  8. Submission of the certificate of attendance to KHYS once the course is finished plus bank details, address, date of birth, KIT personnel number or Tax ID. Deadline for handing in all documents and information: October 31, 2024
  9. KHYS will make the refund

Doctoral researchers and postdocs at KIT who are ▶ member of KHYS are eligible for the refund. Moreover, you should not be enrolled as a doctoral student (find out more about this in the next question).

If you are a KIT doctoral researcher or postdoc in Ulm or Garmisch-Partenkirchen, please contact us via ▶ germancourses∂khys.kit.edu concerning the possibility to get a fee refund for German courses.

Doctoral researchers who are enrolled at KIT as PhD students (i.e. who pay the student semester fee) receive one German course per semester at Studienkolleg free of charge. Therefore, we ask only doctoral researchers to apply for the KHYS refund program who are not enrolled at KIT. You can find more information regarding enrollment (“Immatrikulation”) on our website.

In this case, please contact us via ▶ germancourses∂khys.kit.edu. You might be allowed to apply for the refund while you are still in the registration process.

You can apply via our event calendar.

Please note: A successful application for the refund does not mean that you are already registered for the German course! In order to take part in the course, you still have to register with Studienkolleg. Read more about this in the question “What are the next steps after receiving the confirmation for the refund?”

The application period for the winter semester normally starts in August and ends in late September or early October, for the summer semester it runs from February until late March or early April. The current call for application is published on this website, we will also inform you about this in our KHYS infomail.

For most courses at Studienkolleg, it will be necessary to take an online placement test which gives information on the level of your German language skills. Read more about this in “course selection” on this website. There will be no test for level A 1 or in case you have already passed the preceding Studienkolleg course.

KHYS will make the funding decision on a first come, first served basis (provided that all prerequisites have been met), so make sure you take the necessary steps early on. If you have already received funding more than twice it might be less likely that KHYS will fund you again.

We will inform you about our funding decision via e-mail about a week before the registration for the German courses starts at Studienkolleg. Thus, you will know if you receive funding by us before paying for the course.

After receiving the confirmation for the refund, please register for the corresponding course with Studienkolleg. Once you have registered successfully, you have to make the payment to Studienkolleg for the course fee within two days. Please save a proof of the payment transaction and forward it to us.

After the end of the course, you will have to show proof that you have participated regularly. So please send a scan of the certificate of attendance issued by Studienkolleg after the end of the course to ▶ germancourses∂khys.kit.edu. We will send you an e-mail informing you about additional data we need from you like your bank details. After you handed in all information and documents, KHYS will pass them on to the financial department at KIT in order to pay the refund.

Please note that the certificate of attendance will only be provided to those who participated in at least 80% of the course hours. A successful final exam will not be sufficient for claiming the refund.

If you applied for the refund successfully but you do not plan to claim it, please let us know by sending a short e-mail to ▶ germancourses∂khys.kit.edu.

Unfortunately, you cannot receive the refund retroactively, you have to apply at the beginning of the semster before the course starts. This is due to the fact that we only have a limited budget each semester. While making our funding decision, we already take into consideraton that not every applicant will claim the refund.