Aspirant Grant (Doc)

Superiors at KIT often receive inquiries by graduates from abroad who are interested in doing their doctorate at KIT. In many cases there has been no prior contact with the graduate or his or her working group so how do you know whether the graduate would be a suitable candidate for a doctoral project? This is where the Aspirant Grant (Doc) comes into play. The grant enables you to meet such aspirants in person and invite them to come to KIT for a period of one month. Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS) covers the travel and accommodation expenses for the aspirant’s stay.

During the visit, both parties have the chance to get to know each other and to discuss the possibility of doing a doctorate at KIT. In addition, the aspirant will get an initial impression of the work environment at KIT. A doctoral researcher of the host institute will serve as a “buddy” to the aspirant and assist him or her with regard to administrative issues or questions concerning the facilities at KIT or living in Karlsruhe. The KIT buddy may use this opportunity to develop his or her own international network and intercultural competences.

For more information, please refer to the ▶ current call for applications and the ▶ procedure. In addition a ▶ PDF file containing all information is available for printing.

Target group: Professors, heads of institutes at KIT, KIT Associate Fellows, heads of certified KIT junior research groups (“KIT applicant”); graduates from abroad (Bachelor/Master)


Scope of funding
  • The aspirant will receive a refund for the costs of the journey to and from Karlsruhe (economy class tickets for flight/train) as well as the accommodation costs for the one month in Karlsruhe. The costs for accommodation should not exceed EUR 1,200. For the travel accounting process according to the provisions of the Baden-Württemberg travel expenses law (Landesreisekostengesetz, LRKG), the aspirant needs to provide all original receipts (including boarding pass) as well as payment confirmations.
  • Please note that double funding is not permitted.

If you have any further questions concerning the Aspirant Grant (Doc) you may check our ▶ FAQs or contact Jutta Klein-Hitpaß via aspirant_docJcc8∂khys kit edu.

Please note: The program is also available for inviting potential postdocs for a one-month research stay. ▶ Here, you can find information regarding the Aspirant Grant (Postdoc).