Services of KHYS

We can offer you the following support:

The recruitment of excellent young scientists is often very difficult due to the strong competition from other research institutions and industrial employers. KHYS as a central KIT institution for the promotion of young scientists provides your institute with additional competitive advantages and increases the attractiveness of KIT as an employer. In addition, the ▶ KHYS Aspirant Grant (Doc) and the ▶ KHYS Aspirant (Postdoc) enables you to invite people from abroad who are interested in a doctorate or post-doctoral research for a one-month introductory stay at KIT.

KHYS supports you with its comprehensive consulting services to inform and accompany your young scientists e.g. regarding formal steps and financing possibilities.

We will be happy to actively support you in the application process - talk to ▶ Jutta Klein-Hitpaß.

The quality of the promotion of young talent has become one of the key criteria for the allocation of national funding. Together with the ▶ Research Office (FOR), we actively advise and support Research Training Groups, Graduate Schools, Collaborative Research Centers, KIT Schools, Clusters, etc. during the application process. Furthermore, we are happy to support you regarding on-site visits - our participation has proven its worth.

For inquiries ▶ Dr. Stefan Götze is at your disposal.

Während der Laufzeit eines Promotionsprogramms stehen neben der Umsetzung des Forschungsprogramms/der wissenschaftlichen Arbeit/Forschungsarbeit kontinuierlich verschiedene organisatorische Aufgaben an. Diese reichen von der Organisation des fachlichen und überfachlichen Qualifizierungsprogramms über Förderaktivitäten zur Vernetzung und Internationalisierung bis hin zur Erhebung und Dokumentation von statistischen Kennzahlen, die für die Qualitätssicherung im Programm und für Fortsetzungsbegutachtungen wichtig sind.


Um Promotionsprogramme am KIT dabei bestmöglich zu unterstützen, bietet das KHYS umfassende Angebote:

  • Wir beraten und unterstützen bei der Ausgestaltung des überfachlichen Qualifizierungsprogramms
  • Wir organisieren Vernetzungstreffen
  • Wir unterstützen bei der Evaluation
  • … 


Wenden Sie sich gerne an uns! Für Fragen steht Ihnen Dr. Johanna Häußler gerne zur Verfügung.


Today's demands on young scientists require additional methodological and interdisciplinary skills. The ▶ Interdisciplinary Qualifiaction Program that KHYS offers together with its partners do justice to this change and support you in the successful interdisciplinary qualification of your young scientists in the areas of research & communication, management, doctoral research & career and languages. KHYS covers the majority of the participation costs.

With its offers, such as the ▶ Networking Grant or the ▶ KIT PhD Symposium, KHYS strengthens the independence and initiative of your doctoral researchers and postdocs and thus actively supports them in their personal skills development.

KHYS promotes the international and interfaculty networking of young researchers at KIT and thus also of working groups and institutes through its diverse offers.

Interfaculty networking is promoted, among other things, by the following events:

▶ KIT Doctoral Days
▶ KHYS-Foyergespräche
Welcome Event for doctoral researchers

In addition, KHYS supports young scientists who want to go abroad with various offers and supports the internationalization on site in Karlsruhe. KHYS thus offers your working group new opportunities to establish and intensify contacts:

▶ KHYS Research Travel Grant
▶ KHYS Networking Grant

 You will find the respective contact persons for the KHYS measures on the corresponding pages.

Together with its partners, KHYS offers a range of opportunities to support your young scientists in their current and future career development - for many an additional motivating factor for the successful completion of a doctorate.

At the ▶ KHYS Foyergespräche (Foyer Talks), we invite outstanding guests to engage in dialogue with young scientists.

With the ▶ seminars from the career series, we offer active support for career planning and the application process.