Publishing your dissertation

Your dissertation has to be published within one year after the oral exam. This goes for all KIT departments.You can read about which type of publishing is accepted in the ▶ doctoral ordinance of your KIT department.

You can find more information about the publication possibilities for your dissertation on the ▶ websites of the KIT library.

Upon publishing your dissertation you have to hand in a deposit copy at the dean's office as well as the KIT library. After that, the library will forward a confirmation to the KIT department and the student service. Once this is done, you receive your doctoral certificate.

Only after receiving your certificate you are allowed to carry your new title. With that final step you have successfully concluded your doctoral research project. Congratulations!

There are a number of ▶ prizes and awards for which you can apply in order to honour your accomplishments and your dedication. Every year, KIT rewards three outstanding doctoral researchers at KIT with the ▶ KIT Doctoral Award.