Research Subject

In principle, doctoral researchers have to find the subject of their doctoral thesis on their own and to formulate a question or proposition. There are many possibilities to find a suitable subject:

  • Previous research projects, your master’s or diploma thesis have led to a subject you would like to deal with in more detail in your doctoral thesis.
  • The supervisor proposes a subject or develops it together with you.
  • The research subject has already been defined, which may be the case in research projects with industry or doctoral programs.
  • The concrete subject is found within the framework of an employment by KIT.
When selecting the subject of your doctoral thesis, the following aspects should be taken into account:
  • The subject should correspond to your research interest.
  • The subject should be scientifically relevant and promise to produce new findings.
  • The material and infrastructure required (laboratory, workshop) for work on the subject of your doctoral thesis should be accessible.
  • The subject chosen should be dealt with within an appropriate period of time.
  • The subject should correspond to your career perspective.