How Do I Get a KIT Account with an E-mail Address?

Doctoral researchers employed by KIT will upon activation automatically be given a KIT account of the type “ab1234@kit edu” as well as an e-mail address of the type “firstname.familyname@kit edu”. They also receive a ▶ KIT-Card, which can be used in many ways.

All doctoral researchers paid from other funds (e.g. scholarship holders and external doctoral researchers) may also be given a KIT account of the type “ab1234@partner kit edu” with an e-mail address (firstname.familyname@partner kit edu) – a so-called GuP account – as well as a ▶ guest card.

To do this, please first contact the person responsible at your institute. 

The technical set-up, which is carried out via the so-called ▶ guest and partner administration (GuP), is usually carried out by the administrators or IT representatives (ITB) of your institute. Within the guest and partner administration (GuP) there are different roles to which different access authorizations are linked. The respective head of institute or supervisor decides which role the respective doctoral researcher is assigned.

The most extensive access rights are linked to the GuP role “Doktorand (doctoral researcher)”, so that scholarship holders and external doctoral researchers have the same access to software (software shop) and literature (library services) as KIT employees. In addition to the e-mail address of the type “firstname familyname@partner kit edu”, an e-mail address of the type “firstname familyname@kit edu” can be assigned. 

In order to also get access to all online journals acquired by the KIT library or to other publishers, you have to be added to the group of OE-VPN users by the responsible ITB. By using OpenVPN, you connect directly to the KIT network, which is a prerequisite for using certain KIT services. You can find instructions for the use of OpenVPN ▶ here. Please use split tunneling for access from home.

Please note that the GuP accounts are sometimes created for a limited period of time (e.g. for foreign doctoral researchers who are not yet on-site at KIT and/or whose admission requirements for acceptance at a KIT department have not yet been ensured).

Please note that these KIT accounts (for employees or via GuP) will be maintained, even if you enroll as a doctoral student with the Students’ Office and will in addition be given an account with the e-mail address “”.