Good Reasons for a Postdoc Phase at KIT

With its unique integration of a research-oriented university and a national research center of the Helmholtz Association, KIT, which was awarded the Excellence University designation in 2019, offers national and international early-career researchers and young scientists excellent framework conditions for their research, versatile work opportunities, and outstanding career prospects. The principles of ▶ Good Science, Good Leadership and Good Work are highly valued, allowing you to work and research in an environment of scientific integrity. Through close networking with renowned scientific institutions in Germany and abroad as well as intensive collaboration with companies from the industrial sector, many paths are open for you to make the best possible use of your postdoc phase for diverse career paths.

The fact that the promotion of early-career researchers and young scientists is a top priority at KIT is also reflected in the large number of offers that are specifically tailored to the respective career phase and planning. During the postdoc phase, you will benefit from numerous ▶ qualification and sponsorship opportunities for a career in science. In addition, further qualification opportunities and advisory services are available to you, e.g. in the areas of technology transfer or spin-offs, which will also optimally prepare you for a career outside of academia. In addition to professional qualifications, you will find comprehensive offers that support you in your ▶ career planning and help you to advance your career in the scientific community or the business world in the ▶ KHYS Postdoc Office.

Would You Like to See KIT for Yourself?

The ▶ Aspirant Grant offers those interested in postdoctoral work the opportunity to come to KIT for one month in order to get to know their potential supervisors, working groups, and KIT.

You Are Still Not Sure Whether a Postdoc Is Right for You?

At KHYS, a workshop on the topic "Postdoc Yes/No" is held at regular intervals. Here we talk in depth about the pros and cons of the postdoc phase and you have the chance to ask your questions and exchange ideas with other interested parties.

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