The Postdoc Phase at KIT

According to the KIT 2025 Umbrella Strategy, postdocs are young scientists who have received their doctorates and are doing research at KIT for a qualification and orientation phase that generally takes up to three years.

In this phase, the main focus is on acquiring further scientific knowledge and skills (▶ Qualification & Career Development) and orientation and networking in the national and international scientific system (▶ Internationalization & Networking). If you wish to remain in the scientific world, it is advisable to acquire teaching skills, experience in acquiring third-party funding, and generally to increase the visibility of your work (publications, conferences) and your person in academia (committee work, academic self-administration).

Throughout the entire postdoc phase, you will receive active support and guidance from KIT in planning your personal and professional future, e.g. in the form of personnel development measures or individual career counseling offers as well as within the scope of annual performance reviews with your superiors. At the end of your postdoc phase at KIT, your professional future will have gained a clearer profile and by then the question will be clarified, of whether and, if so, how a more advanced scientific career will be pursued or whether a transition to other professional fields (for example to the business world) should be sought (▶ Career Counseling & Mentoring).

For all questions concerning the postdoc phase, the ▶ KHYS Postdoc Office is available at any time as a central contact and advisory service.