Interested in Doing a Doctorate

KIT offers a wide range of opportunities for doing a doctorate. In principle, you can do research at one of the eleven ▶ KIT Departments in all offered disciplines from natural and engineering sciences to economics, social sciences, and humanities.

In general, one can say that the duration of the doctorate is between three and five years – depending on the form of the doctorate and the subject. Depending on the respective KIT Department and the topic of your doctorate you can obtain the academic degree Dr. rer. nat., Dr.-Ing., Dr. phil. or Dr. rer. pol.

Doctoral researchers of KIT conduct research into topics covered by KIT’s portfolio and are supervised (scientifically) at KIT. The doctorate is conferred either by a KIT Department or by a department of another university. In the latter case, doctoral researchers conduct their research at KIT where they are scientifically supervised, but pass their doctoral examination at another university. This is one of the consequences of KIT being the Research University in the Helmholtz Association.

The information below is to give you a good overview of doctoral proceedings and types of doctorates at KIT. The preliminary considerations may help you decide on whether you aim for a doctorate or not. In case you need more information or have additional questions, contact us by ▶ e-mail.