Career Counseling and Mentoring – Focusing on Your Career Goals

Creating optimal conditions for the (scientific) career of its postdocs – this is KIT’s declared strategic goal. For this reason, KIT not only promotes you in your scientific development and the full realization of your potential, but supports you especially in the planning and design of further career steps within as well as outside of the scientific community. By the end of your postdoc phase it should be clear as to whether the subsequent career step will be realized at KIT or externally. The annual ▶ performance reviews can be used to address this point. In addition, as a KIT postdoc, you will benefit from a variety of individual and personal career counseling offers tailored to your needs.

  • Welcome and Orientation Talk (early postdoc phase, by appointment, 1-1.5 hr)
  • Career Impulse Talk (all postdoc phases, by appointment, 1-1.5 hr)
  • Your Plan: Personal Career Counseling (all postdoc phases, 3-4 dates, 1-1.5 hr each, by appointment)

Detailed information on the various offers can be found ▶ here.


  • How to Shape Your Future: Career Planning for Postdocs
  • How to Advance Your Career in Research and Get Funded
  • How to be More Employable in the Private Sector
  • Location Determination for Postdocs

Detailed information on the various offers can be found ▶ here.

Mentoring for Postdocs – Learning From the Experiences of Others

Postdocs find valuable impulses for qualification and career development opportunities primarily from colleagues and supervisors in their current professional environment. In addition, it can be helpful to look for a mentor who already has a head start in professional experience, and who will support you in various roles (role model, advisor, coach, critic, promoter) on your further career path and who can offer another (possibly external) view of your current professional situation.

The following mentoring programs are open to postdocs at KIT:

▶ X-Ment