Research Travel Grant

With the Research Travel Grant, we support your travel and living expenses for a three to six-month research stay at a university or company abroad. The stay abroad should be an extension of your research work and not constitute a fundamental component thereof.

Use the opportunity to get to know other scientific systems, expand your scientific and intercultural skills, establish international contacts and strengthen your future career options. 

On our website you will find more sponsors who financially support stays abroad:



Target group: KIT doctoral researchers & postdocs


Supported activities: Three to six-month research stay at a university or company abroad


Scope of funding: Grant amount is based on the support rates of DAAD and depends on the duration of the research stay as well as the destination


The Research Travel Grant cannot be used for participation in congresses and conferences.


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Information for applicants

The program is currently not open for applications.

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Connecting Young Scientists (ConYS)

Program for KIT postdocs to develop and extend career-specific networks

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KHYS Networking Grant

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If you have any questions regarding the Research Travel Grant, please contact us at 

▶ researchtravelgrant∂KHYS kit edu.


▶ Gaby Weick will be happy to provide you with personal counseling.