I am very grateful for this opportunity, and would definitely recommend the KHYS Aspirant Grant (Postdoc). I myself came to visit in the first year as a postdoc, and it was the perfect time (in terms of my research career). Ms. Schmitt and Mr. Hahmann from the KHYS were of great help, with regard to the preparation of the research stay, as well as guidance during the stay and planning ahead following the stay. Thank you very much! I noticed very quickly that research conducted at KIT is of high quality. Students are excellent and researchers investigate very timely and relevant topics. Collaborations with industry partners lead to impactful research and solutions. (Less than) A month at the KIT felt a bit short, but I got many great insights and it was enough time to expand my research network.


Postdoc aspirant from Israel

KHYS was the best. We had to wait more than two years for me to travel to Germany from Brazil due to pandemics, and they were always caring and supportive throughout the entire process. Helping people make their dreams come true is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Thanks again!


Postdoc aspirant from Brasilien

The KYHS Aspirant grant helped me understand the KIT's facilities and work culture, where I would like to do my postdoctoral research. The main advantage is that we could meet the host, discuss our research plan with them, and get their suggestions. The travel grant helped me meet travel and accommodation expenses for a month's stay in KIT, Germany. I would say that the KYHS Aspirant grant is a unique opportunity to identify a suitable center to conduct doctoral or postdoctoral studies.


Postdoc aspirant from India

The KHYS program is great for a research stay at KIT due to the possibility of having access to the facilities, meeting other researchers, as well as the option of doing a post-doctorate at KIT.


Postdoc aspirant from USA

The KHYS Aspirant program gave me a great chance to experience the research environment at KIT. The KHYS office provided financial support to living in Karlsruhe, as well as counseling opportunities. Thanks to the support from KHYS, I could communicate with good colleagues and use versatile equipment in KIT in advance. I strongly recommend applying for this KHYS Aspirant Grant to those considering a postdoc course in KIT.


Postdoc aspirant from South Korea