KHYS Membership

Your KHYS membership is your ticket to our wide range of services. As a member you have access to all the advantages and services KHYS has to offer and you will be informed about all the possibilities provided by KIT.

Your membership exists from the moment of ▶ registration in Docata for the entire duration of your acceptance as a doctoral researcher at your KIT Department and ends automatically with the successful passing of your oral doctoral examination.

Your membership also ends if you abandon your doctoral project.

If you are accepted as a doctoral researcher at a different university but your central research location is at KIT you can become a member of KHYS by registering via the ▶ KHYS network.

As young scientists at KIT who have received their doctorates you can register via the ▶ KHYS network and as KHYS members profit from our offers and services, provided that you are in the ▶ qualification/orientation phase for postdocs at KIT. This postdoctoral phase generally takes three years at KIT and can be done directly after the doctorate or after an already completed postdoctoral phase (up to 6 years after the doctorate max.) at another university or extramural institution in Germany or abroad.