Conclusion of a Doctoral Agreement

Directly after the promise of acceptance, the first advisor and the doctoral candidate conclude a doctoral agreement. The first advisor usually is the first supervisor of the doctoral thesis and the oral examination.

Conclusion of the doctoral agreement shall not replace submission of the request for acceptance as a doctoral candidate to a KIT department.

The doctoral agreement is designed to establish a transparent relationship between the doctoral candidate and the doctoral advisor supervisor with respect to contents and time. It is therefore important that advisors supervisors and doctoral researchers jointly discuss the contents of the doctoral agreement. In this way, common understanding of mutual expectations relating to the doctoral project is ensured. In this regard, the ▶ Guidelines for the Doctorate at KIT can also be helpful. At regular intervals, the contents of the doctoral agreement shall be reviewed and updated.

KIT provides a template of a doctoral agreement and a guidance for the doctoral agreement. Please note that you can access these ▶ documents only within the KIT network. If you cannot access them, please inquire with your supervisor regarding the content of the agreement.

Please note: some departments have adopted own doctoral regulations. Please note the information given on the webpage of your department or contact the responsible persons directly. ▶ Here, you will find links to the individual department websites as well as the contact details of the responsible contact persons.