Issuance of the Doctoral Degree Certificate

You receive the doctoral degree certificate once you have published your dissertation and after you have disenrolled (if applicable).

Once you published your dissertation, the KIT Library will forward a confirmation regarding the publication of the dissertation to the KIT department and the “Studierendenservice”. The doctoral degree certificate will be issued as soon as the “Studierendenservice” received the confirmation from the KIT Library. Provided that you are enrolled as a doctoral researcher at KIT, you need to officially disenroll in order to receive the doctoral degree certificate and report (see step 8).

Only after receiving your certificate you are allowed to carry your new title.

With that final step you have successfully concluded your doctoral research project. Congratulations!

There are a number of ▶ prizes and awards for which you can apply in order to honor your accomplishments and your dedication. Every year, KIT rewards three outstanding doctoral graduates at KIT with the ▶ KIT Doctoral Award.