KHYS Steering Committee

KHYS is guided by a steering committee, in which professors, academic staff, junior research group leaders, postdocs, and doctoral researchers are represented. The KHYS Steering Committee is chaired by the KIT Vice President for Research.

Members of the KHYS Steering Committee:

Prof. Dr. Oliver Kraft
Prof. Dr. Sylvia Erhardt (Bereich I)
Prof. Carsten Dachsbacher (Bereich II)
Prof. Ulrich Maas (Bereich III)
Prof. Wolfgang Wilcke (Bereich IV)
Prof. Roman Sauer (Bereich V)
Prof. Günter Quast (KSETA)
Prof. Ulrich Lemmer (KSOP)
Prof. Gregor Snelting (KSIST)
Prof. Stefan Hinz (GRACE)
Dr. Hartwig Anzt
Dr. Edouard Fouché
Dr. Franziska Rönicke
Dr. Birgid Langer
Dr. Daniela Merz
Constantin Carle
Alessandro Sibilio
Dr. Britta Bergfeldt
Dr. Britta Trautwein

Guest is the head of Human Resources Development and Vocational Training (PEBA), Dr. Anke Diez.