Below you will find important information on the registration and participation conditions for KHYS further education program.

How can I register for further education events?
You can register for KHYS further education events online via the ▶ KHYS event calendar. Click on the registration or waitlist button located under the description of the respective event.
Who can participate?
KHYS further education program is open to all KIT doctoral reearchers and postdocs. A prerequisite for participation is a free registration as a ▶ member of KHYS. For KHYS members, participation is free of charge.
Is there a fee for participation?
The costs are covered by KHYS. There are no fees for KHYS members.
How can I cancel my participation in an event if I cannot attend?
If you cannot take part in an event that you have registered for, you have to inform us as soon as possible but at least two weeks before the event starts. Please write to weiterbildung∂khys.kit.edu. Only with your prior cancellation we can offer your place to people on the waiting list and avoid unnecessary costs.
What do I have to do if I need to cancel on short notice?
We kindly request you to cancel your participation before the beginning of the event, even if it is on short notice (e.g. due to health issues on the day of the event). An email to weiterbildung∂khys.kit.edu will suffice. This way, registered members on the waiting list will gain the opportunity to join spontaneously or we can at least inform our trainer in order to ensure the group will not be waiting for you.
Please do not skip our events thoughtlessly because this could produce unnecessary costs for KHYS. In the worst case we might have to cancel an event spontanously because there are not enough participants.
I did not show up without prior notice - what consequences do I have to face?
In principle, participants are required to send an email to weiterbildung∂khys.kit.edu in order to inform KHYS if they are unable to participate in an event (even if they have to cancel at short-notice). Without cancellation, the place will remain vacant and KHYS is in need to cover unnecessary costs.
If you do not show up on two occasions or more without prior notice or explanation, we may not consider your registration for upcoming events within the following six months. We will inform you about this via email.