Surveys of Doctoral Researchers and Supervisors

The surveys of doctoral researchers and supervisors, which take place regularly about every three years, are the two most important instruments for reviewing the existing PhD structures and processes. 

The questionnaires cover various aspects regarding

  • the supervision and support of doctoral researchers
  • the working and research conditions of doctoral researchers and their supervisors
  • the compatibility of family and doctorate
  • good research practice

The main objective of the survey of the supervisors is to directly compare the results of the survey of the doctoral researchers with the supervisors’ opinion on a large number of questions (self-assessment vs. assessment by others).

The results of the evaluations are the basis for reviewing KIT’s quality objectives regarding the promotion of young researchers. At the different institutional levels (KIT Executive Board, KIT Departments, KHYS, conventions of doctoral researchers, etc.), they are discussed following the evaluation, and measures are derived that focus on improving the PhD conditions at KIT. Being central to the PhD quality management system, the measures derived from the results of the surveys are recorded and their effects are checked in the subsequent evaluations in order to document achieved successes or to follow up on measures that have not had any effects on measures that have been introduced. In addition, the results are used to fulfill the legal obligations to report to the public, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, and the KIT bodies, institutes, and institutions, e.g. the Supervisory Board and the KIT Senate.

The results of the survey of 2020 are available on the ▶ Intranet External Link to all KIT members.

The results of the survey of 2013 (KIT overall and KIT Departments’ evaluations) are available on the ▶ Intranet External Link to all KIT members (in German only).