Application for Acceptance at your KIT Department

Why acceptance at the beginning of the doctorate?
Your KIT Department reviews whether you fulfill the admission requirements for doctoral researchers at KIT. By issuing the acceptance as doctoral researcher, the KIT Department commits itself to the scientific supervision of your doctoral research. This can become relevant if your first supervisor cannot continue supervision of your project, e.g. in case of illness or a change of university. A letter of acceptance from your KIT Department is proof of your status as a doctoral researcher at KIT.

How can I apply for acceptance?
After your ▶ registration at KHYS, you should submit the application for acceptance as a doctoral researcher at your KIT Department immediately, at the latest six months after signing the ▶ doctoral agreement. In order to do this, download the prefilled application for acceptance in the web portal Docata. The signed application must be submitted to the KIT Department with the remaining documents required by the doctoral regulations (e.g., copies of degree certificates and the doctoral agreement). Please refer to the ▶ doctoral regulations of the respective KIT Department for further information on the acceptance process and all matters concerning your doctoral research.

How do I know if I am accepted?
Once the Doctoral Admissions Committee has decided upon your admission to the doctorate, you will receive a written confirmation of your acceptance as a doctoral researcher at your KIT Department. If necessary, the committee will determine additional requirements that have to be fulfilled during your time as doctoral researcher. The acceptance at a KIT Department is limited to a period of three to five years, depending on the doctoral regulations. After this, you will no longer be accepted as a doctoral researcher at your KIT Department.

Are there any further steps?
The acceptance as a doctoral researcher at a KIT Department is a prerequisite for the ▶ enrollment as a doctoral student.

How do I apply for an extension of acceptance?
You are required to apply for an extension of acceptance as a doctoral researcher at your KIT Departent before your acceptance is expired. You will need a statement of the first supervisor, a template for which is provided in Docata. Simply enter the necessary information in a short eletronic assistant in Docata, upload the signed statement of your first supervisor, and submit the application for extension of acceptance in Docata. More information can be found upon ▶ logging in to Docata. The decision on the extension of your acceptance will be communicated to you in writing by your KIT Department.