Application for acceptance at your KIT department

After the ▶ registration with KHYS and at the latest six months after you have ▶ signed the doctoral agreement you need to apply for acceptance to the KIT Department.

A letter of acceptance is the department’s official statement that you are a doctoral candidate at KIT. To receive this letter of acceptance you have to submit a written application to the doctoral research committee of the respective KIT Department. This application has to include information on your dissertation topic, copies of your graduation certificates, the doctoral agreement and the registration confirmation of KHYS.

Depending on the KIT Department in question, the acceptance will be issued for a period of three to five years. An extension is usually possible. For the acceptance, the doctoral research committee of the respective KIT Department will check your degree documents. The committee may decide that you are obliged to take some additional classes during the doctorate. For further information please read the ▶ doctoral ordinances of the respective KIT Department (for legal reasons, these documents are available in German only).

Upon acceptance, the KIT department shall be obliged to ensure scientific supervision of your doctorate. This may become relevant, if your advisor will not be able to further supervise your doctorate, e.g. in the case of a disease or when he/she moves to another university.

Please note that the letter of acceptance is also a prerequisite for ▶ enrolling as a registered PhD student and in many cases for scholarship applications.

NEW with Docata: In Docata you can download a form for the request of acceptance which has been prefilled with the data you entered in. You submit this together with the registration certificate and all other documents and attachments in accordance with the doctoral ordinance of your KIT Department.