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Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS)

Straße am Forum 3
76131 Karlsruhe

Tel:  +49 (0)721 608-46185
Fax: +49 (0)721 608-46222

Geb. 30.96
  KHYS-Handbuch Promovieren am KIT
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Hand in hand – for the assurance of quality in promoting young talent

With our wide variety of offers we not only contribute to the promotion of young scientists at KIT but also offer many benefits to your institute:

  • Ombudspersons for doctoral researchers and supervisors at KIT >> info
  • Springboard for international contacts >> info
  • Support for funding applications >> info
  • Skills development for your junior researchers >> info
  • Promoting the independence of your young scientists >> info
  • Your added value for attracting excellent doctoral and postdoctoral researchers >> info
  • Guidance for career planning >> info




Ombudspersons for doctoral researchers and supervisors at KIT

The Ombudspersons act as contact persons in cases of conflicts or disputes between doctoral researchers and supervisors during the doctorate.

More information can be found here.




Springboard for international contacts

Through its various offers, KHYS promotes international and inter-departmental networking of KIT young scientists and thus also of KIT working groups or institutes.



With its different funding measures, KHYS for example promotes young researchers who want to go abroad and fosters internationalization at home here in Karlsruhe. In addition, KHYS offers support for sustainably establishing the mobility of doctoral researchers. KHYS thus provides your working group with new opportunities to establish and intensify contacts.
The relevant contact persons for the individual KHYS measures can be found on the respective pages of the measures.




Support for funding applications

The quality of the promotion of young scientists has become one of the main criteria when research funds are awarded on a national level. Together with the KIT Research Office (FOR) we actively support and assist Research Training Groups and Graduate Schools, Collaborative Research Centers, KIT Schools, clusters, etc. in the application phase. Furthermore, we gladly support you in on-site review - our participation has proven to be helpful.

For questions please contact Gabriele Gregolec.




Skills development for your young scientists

Today's demands on young scientists require additional methodological and social skills.Together with its partners - most notably PEBA, KHYS offers Further Education Opportunities, which meet this change and assist you in successfully qualifying your employees in the areas of Research & Communication, Management, Doctoral & Careers Advice, and Languages. KHYS covers the major part of the costs for the courses.




Promoting the independence of your young scientists

With its offers, e.g. Networking Grant or KIT PhD Symposium, KHYS strengthens the independence and initiative of your doctoral researchers and by doing so supports you actively in helping them develop their personal skills.




Your added value for attracting excellent doctoral and postdoctoral researchers

Attracting excellent young scientists is often rendered difficult by strong competition from other research institutions and industrial employers. KHYS as the central institution for the promotion of young scientists at KIT gives your institute an additional competitive edge and increases the attractiveness of KIT as an employer. In addition, the KHYS Aspirant Grant enables you to invite foreign graduates who are interested in doing their doctorate at KIT to come here for a one-month stay.
Furthermore, we like to actively support you in call for application for attracting young scientists - Please talk to Gabriele Gregolec.




Guidance for career planning

Together with its partners KHYS offers a range of services to support young scientists in their current and future career development. For many junior researchers these services are an additional motivating factor for the successful completion of the doctorate. In the framework of the KHYS Foyergespräche we invite distinguished guests for a dialogue with young scientists. Our seminars in the series Doctoral & Careers Advice provide active assistance for career planning and the application process.

Discover the whole range of KHYS offers. For a personal consultation Gabriele Gregolec is happy to be of assistance.



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