Current call for applications

Deadlines and dates:

  • Application deadline: September 19, 2021
  • Selection process: Selection decisions will be made by members of the ▶ KHYS steering committee at a meeting in the middle of October 2021
  • Funding period: All of the planned activities should ideally take place until June 2022.


Application requirements:

  • The applicant has to be a postdoctoral researcher with a doctoral degree and is doing research at KIT for a ▶ qualification phase that generally takes three years.
  • The applicant has to be a ▶ member of KHYS.
  • The superior of the postdoc has to support the application.
  • The KIT applicant has to conclusively state how the modules applied for support his/her career strategy.
  • Applicants must meet the application deadline stipulated.
  • The application documents must be complete and formally correct.


Application documents:
Please send the following documents as a single PDF file in the order listed below to ▶ conys∂ All documents should be in English. Concerning the annexes A to C you only have to fill in the annex(es) for the module(s) you apply for. Please send the Excel table as a separate attachment and exclusively in an Excel file format.

  • Application Form
  • Annex A - Module 1
  • Annex B - Module 2 – including a letter of intent by the guest stating his/her interest in coming to KIT
  • Annex C - Module 3
  • CV including date of birth and course of studies (discipline, duration, place, grade)
  • Scan of doctoral degree and certificate (if applicable including transcript of records)1
  • Scan of master degree and certificate (if applicable including transcript of records)
  • Assessment form by the superior of the postdoc which shows his/her support for the applied measures and assesses the benefits of the chosen modules (if desired, the superior can also send it directly to KHYS)
  • Key data Excel table


Selection criteria:

  • Compliance with application requirements
  • Scientific track record of the KIT applicant (i.e. previous scientific achievements, publications, awards etc.)
  • Conclusiveness of description of the choice of modules and how they will support the applicant’s career strategy
  • Submissions from applicants who are at an early stage of their postdoc period are more likely to be successful
  • Assessment by superior


1 For foreign degrees the documents should be handed in in the original language and as a German/English translation.