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Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS)

Straße am Forum 3
76131 Karlsruhe

Tel:  +49 (0)721 608-46185
Fax: +49 (0)721 608-46222

Geb. 30.96
  KHYS-Handbuch Promovieren am KIT

Current call for applications

Deadlines and dates:


  • The grant is awarded subject to allocation of funds by DAAD to KHYS. Applications may be handed in anytime as long as funds are available. Due to the limited budget, we recommend that you apply as soon as possible.
  • To facilitate the processing the applications will be bundled roughly at the end of every month. The next deadline is June 30, 2018. (Please note that there will be no deadline at the end of July due to the holiday season.)
  • Selection decisions will be made by members of the KHYS Steering Committee in a circulation procedure. Please note that this process will take some time.
  • The funding period ends on December 18, 2018, i.e. the stay has to be concluded by then.


Application requirements:

  • The KIT applicant and the aspirant have to jointly apply for the Aspirant Grant. The KIT applicant has to conclusively state why he or she wants to invite this particular aspirant to KIT. The aspirant in return has to point out why he or she wants to come to KIT.
  • The aspirant should be in an advanced stage of his or her Master’s course.
  • Doctoral researchers/PhD students are not eligible to apply for the Aspirant Grant.
  • The stay at KIT should enable the aspirant to gain an impression of the work environment in which he or she may be doing a doctorate in the future.
  • A KIT doctoral researcher serves as the aspirant’s “buddy” and assists him or her regarding administrative issues or questions concerning working at KIT or living in Karlsruhe.
  • The applicant has to be eligible to function as a supervisor for doctoral projects. (KIT Associate Fellows and heads of certified KIT junior research groups should hand in a letter of support from the professor who would function as the primary supervisor.)
  • In principle, the aspirant will have to be able to fulfil the requirements for acceptance as a doctoral researcher by the respective KIT department once his or her Master’s course is completed.
  • Funding for the same purpose is not admissible.


Application documents:

  • Application form signed by the KIT applicant, the KIT “buddy” and the aspirant
  • If the applicant is a KIT Associate Fellow or a head of a certified KIT junior research group: a letter of support from the KIT professor who would function as the primary supervisor of the future doctoral project
  • Documents provided by the aspirant:
    • CV including date of birth, school leaving exam (date, place), course of studies (discipline, duration, place, grade), stays abroad, awards etc.
    • Scans of all of the following official documents:
      • Bachelor’s degree certificate in the original language
      • Bachelor’s degree certificate in English or German
      • Master’s degree certificate in the original language (if applicable)
      • Master’s degree certificate in English or German (if applicable)
      • Current transcript of records in the original language
      • Current transcript of records in English or German
      • Document stating the grading system of the university (explaining the highest and lowest grade possible as well as the distribution of the grades, e.g. proportion of merit grades, mark range)
    • Letter of recommendation by a professor of the home institution
  • Excel table containing the key data of the application (please hand in separately in Excel format)
  • Statement of the KIT applicant (via separate e-mail) regarding the plans for funding the potential doctoral project.

All documents should be in English. Please merge all documents into one PDF file in the order stated above (excluding the Excel table and the funding statement) and send the files to aspirantgrant∂khys.kit.edu.


Selection criteria:


  • Compliance with application requirements

  • Fulfillment of required formalities (a complete application, submitted in time, including all required documents, filled-out correctly and signed)
  • Conclusiveness of motivation of the aspirant to come to KIT for the stay

  • Plausibility of reasons of KIT applicant for inviting the aspirant

  • Quality/conclusiveness of the activities planned for the stay

  • Qualification of the aspirant


Please refer to our FAQs for any questions you may have concerning the Aspirant Grant. If you have any further questions please contact Jutta Klein-Hitpaß.