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Steps required to start a doctorate

As of January 01, 2015, conclusion of a doctoral agreement directly after the promise of acceptance and online registration of doctoral researcher with KHYS shall be mandatory prior to the request for acceptance. The legal basis is Article 38, par. 5 LHG.


Administrative steps at the beginning of the doctorate:

  • Conclusion of a doctoral agreement directly after the promise of acceptance (Art. 38, par. 5, LHG, download on the KIT intranet). >> Information
  • Registration of the doctoral student with KHYS (Art. 12, Doctoral Agreement).
  • Request for acceptance as a doctoral researcher to your department within six months (Art. 6, Doctoral Agreement).
  • If necessary, enrolment as a doctoral student. >> Information (PDF download, German only)
  • Request for starting the doctorate (doctoral request) to the department.
  • Oral doctoral examination.
  • Publication of the doctoral thesis.


Detailed information, among others on the legal requirements, admission requirements, supervision and funding, contact partners at KIT, and much more, is given in the brochure “Doing Your PhD at KIT”. This brochure is available as an e-book and as a PDF download.


Doctoral Agreement

The doctoral agreement is designed to establish a transparent relationship between the doctoral candidate and the doctoral advisor with respect to contents and time.

For reasons of legal certainty and to ensure comparable and transparent framework conditions of doctoral studies for all doctoral researchers of KIT, a doctoral agreement for the KIT was developed under the direction of Vice President Professor Alexander Wanner by the Service Unit for Higher Education Law and Academic Affairs (DE HAA) in cooperation with all KIT departments, KHYS, representatives of the convention of academic and scientific employees, and representatives of doctoral researchers (PaKIT). More information is given in a handout.


>> Download of the doctoral agreement and handout relating to the doctoral agreement on the KIT intranet (see HAA website)


Please note: Some departments have adopted own doctoral regulations. Please note the information given on the webpage of your department or contact the responsible persons directly. >> Information of the departments