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KIT account

How do I get a KIT account with an e-mail address?


For employees of KIT

Doctoral researchers employed by KIT will upon activation automatically be given a KIT account of the type “” as well as an e-mail address of the type “”.* They also receive a ▶ KIT-Card, which can be used in many ways.

For scholarship holders or external doctoral researchers

All doctoral researchers paid from other funds (e.g. scholarship holders and external doctoral researchers) may also be given a KIT account of the type “” with an e-mail address ( – a so-called GuP account – as well as a ▶ guest card
To do this, please first contact the person responsible at your institute. 

The technical set-up, which is carried out via the so-called ▶ guest and partner administration (GuP), is usually carried out by the administrators or IT representatives (ITB) of your institute.* Within the guest and partner administration (GuP) there are different roles to which different access authorizations are linked. The respective head of institute or supervisor decides which role the respective doctoral researcher is assigned.

The most extensive access rights are linked to the GuP role “Doktorand (doctoral researcher)”, so that scholarship holders and external doctoral researchers have the same access to software (software shop) and literature (library services) as KIT employees. In addition to the e-mail address of the type “”, an e-mail address of the type “” can be assigned. 

In order to also get access to all online journals acquired by the KIT library or to other publishers, you have to be added to the group of OE-VPN users by the responsible ITB. By using OpenVPN, you connect directly to the KIT network, which is a prerequisite for using certain KIT services. You can find instructions for the use of OpenVPN ▶ here. Please use split tunneling for access from home.

Please note that the GuP accounts are sometimes created for a limited period of time (e.g. for foreign doctoral researchers who are not yet on-site at KIT and/or whose admission requirements for acceptance at a KIT department have not yet been ensured).


* These KIT accounts (for employees or via GuP) will be maintained, even if you enroll as a doctoral student with the Students’ Office and will in addition be given an account with the e-mail address “”.



Doctoral Agreement

Directly after the promise of acceptance, the first advisor and the doctoral candidate conclude a doctoral agreement. The first advisor usually is the first supervisor of the doctoral thesis and the oral examination.

Conclusion of the doctoral agreement shall not replace submission of the request for acceptance as a doctoral candidate to a KIT department.

The doctoral agreement is designed to establish a transparent relationship between the doctoral candidate and the doctoral advisor with respect to contents and time.

It is therefore important that advisors and doctoral researchers jointly discuss the contents of the doctoral agreement. In this way, common understanding of mutual expectations relating to the doctoral project is ensured. At regular intervals, the contents of the doctoral agreement shall be reviewed and updated.

For reasons of legal certainty and to ensure comparable and transparent framework conditions of doctoral studies for all doctoral researchers of KIT, a doctoral agreement for the KIT was developed under the direction of Vice President Professor Alexander Wanner by the Service Unit for Higher Education Law and Academic Affairs (DE HAA) in cooperation with all KIT departments, KHYS, representatives of the convention of academic and scientific employees, and PaKIT. More information is given in a handout.


>> Download of the doctoral agreement and handout relating to the doctoral agreement on the KIT intranet (see ▶ HAA website).

Note: Some departments have adopted own doctoral regulations. Please note the information given on the webpage of your department or contact the responsible persons directly.

▶ Information of the Departments




Acceptance as a doctoral candidate by a KIT Department

The procedure for acceptance as a doctoral candidate is outlined in the regulations for obtaining a doctorate of your department.

Only upon acceptance by your department is it ensured that you really fulfill the admission requirements for a doctorate at KIT. Upon acceptance, the KIT department shall be obliged to ensure scientific supervision of your doctorate. This may become relevant, if your advisor will not be able to further supervise your doctorate, e.g. in the case of a disease or when he/she moves to another university.

As of January 01, 2015, conclusion of a doctoral agreement and registration with KHYS shall be required at KIT prior to the acceptance as a doctoral candidate.

After registration with KHYS, the request for acceptance is to be submitted to your department as soon as possible, at the latest within six months upon the conclusion of the doctoral agreement.

A copy of the confirmation of registration shall be enclosed with the request for acceptance to be submitted to your department.

An overview of the steps needed to start a doctorate at KIT and general information on a doctorate at KIT is given in the ▶ Guide for Doctoral Researchers.




Modification of your data

Kindly inform KHYS immediately about any modification of your registered data (e.g. family name) by electronic mail to ▶ registrierung-doc∂ or by ordinary mail. This shall also apply, if you terminate your planned doctoral project. In this case, please indicate the date of termination of your doctoral project.




Your KHYS membership

With your registration, you will automatically become member of KHYS for the time of your doctoral research phase and will be able to profit from the ▶ services of KHYS.

Your membership shall be subject to your submission of the request for acceptance to your department in due time and approval of your request by the department.

Your membership shall terminate automatically upon the successfully completion of your oral doctoral examination (thesis defense and viva voce).

In addition, your membership shall terminate, if you or your advisor cancel the doctoral agreement and you stop the doctoral project. In this case, kindly inform us about the date of termination of your doctoral project.




KHYS information mails

KHYS informs regularly about KHYS services, such as training courses, stays abroad, funding options, doctoral awards, and about doctoral studies at KIT. You can subscribe or unsubscribe any time by sending an electronic mail to ▶ docata∂