Formal Steps for Doctoral Researchers with a Doctoral Examination at Another University

Are you planning to take your doctoral examination at another university, but have been primarily conducting your research (> 2 years) at KIT or receiving academic supervision there?

If so, then the following formal steps need to be followed, as outlined in the ▶ Guidelines for the Doctorate at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

Immediately following the confirmation of supervision, academic supervisors and doctoral researchers at KIT enter as outlined in the ▶ Guidelines for the Doctorate at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) into a written agreement. KIT provides a template for the written agreement as a suggestion (see download section). Please note that this template is only accessible within the KIT network. If you do not have access, please inquire with your academic supervisor about the content of the agreement.

If this isn't feasible, the agreement will be made at the earliest opportunity, but no later than within three months. Doctoral researchers and academic supervisors at KIT utilize the signing of the written agreement to address and resolve any pending issues regarding the framework and other related matters. The group of scientific supervisors at KIT includes individuals authorized (by the KIT Department) to participate in doctoral procedures or other experienced researchers.

Note: Agreements with supervisors at other universities are not affected by this.

Download Section Written Agreement:
Word-Dokument (Deutsch)
Word file (Englisch)
PDF-Dokument (Deutsch)
PDF file (Englisch)

After completing the written agreement, doctoral reserachers register with KHYS through the web portal  Docata.This automatically means you become a ▶ member of Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS) and can benefit from the wide range of offers. [▶ more]

Upon successful completion of the oral examination at the other university, doctoral researchers inform their scientific supervisor at KIT. This information is crucial for the supervisor to update it accordingly in Docata and for KIT to fulfill its comprehensive reporting obligations.

Note: Even in the case of discontinuing the doctoral program, it's important to inform the supervisor.