Doctoral Regulations of the KIT Departments

The doctoral regulations of your respective KIT Department defines the legal framework for your doctorate. According to the state law on universities and colleges (Landeshochschulgesetz or LHG) universities execute doctoral research procedures on the basis of the doctoral regulations. The doctoral regulations of your respective KIT Department defines the requirements and regulations concerning obtaining a doctorate etc.

The doctoral regulations covers the following aspects:

  • Admission requirements
  • Acceptance as a doctoral researcher
  • Supervisors
  • Doctoral procedures
  • Oral examination
  • Language requirements concerning the dissertation and the oral exam
  • Publication of the dissertation
  • Course achievements that have to be made for the doctorate (if applicable).

The doctoral regulations are published in ▶ the official bulletins of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). As a rule you will find the current version of the doctoral regulations on the website of your respective KIT Department. For legal reasons, these documents are available in German only.

▶ KIT Department of Architecture
▶ KIT Department of Civil Engineering, Geo and Environmental Sciences
▶ KIT Department of Chemistry and Biosciences
▶ KIT Department of Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering
▶ KIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
▶ KIT Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
▶ KIT Department of Informatics
▶ KIT Department of Mechanical Engineering
▶ KIT Department of Mathematics
▶ KIT Department of Physics
▶ KIT Department of Economics and Management

You can also find the contact person responsible for doing a doctorate at a specific KIT department in ▶ this overview