As soon as your application has been approved, you will be notified via e-mail. The notification of approval will contain information on the amount of funding that will be paid out and will cover all modules applied for. Attached to the e-mail there will be a Written Statement of Commitment that you have to sign and send back to us.

If applicable, the person who will receive funding in the framework of Module 2 will receive an individual letter of grant approval. In addition, they will have to sign agreements covering the grant payment. Please note that the KIT institute is obliged to conclude an Infrastructure Use Agreement.

Both the applicant and the person traveling in Module 2 (if applicable) will be sent information sheets for the respective module(s). These will include extensive information regarding administrative steps necessary for the payments and the preparation of the stay(s) and/or event(s). The obligation to comply with the regulations and processes mentioned in these sheets is a compulsory part of the Connecting Young Scientists (ConYS) program.

Reporting Duty

Once all activities funded by ConYS have been completed, you are obliged to submit a ▶ final report within four weeks. Reporting obligations are a mandatory element for receiving funding within the framework of ConYS. Once we have received the final report, we will issue a certificate regarding the participation in the Connecting Young Scientists Program (ConYS).


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Description of Modules
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