Personal Competence and Motivation

A doctorate is a long-term project that will strongly influence your life - in the next years at least. Check in advance whether you have the personal skills, scientific qualifications, interest, and stamina needed for this project.

What Are My Scientific Competences?
  • Am I familiar with the facts and methodologies of my subject (and neighboring subjects)?
  • Are there scientific methods or techniques that are indispensable for my doctoral project, but which I do not know sufficiently?
  • Whom can I contact for further qualification? Can I develop questions that open up new fields of research?
Which Personal Skills Do I Have? 
  • Am I able to work on a research topic continually and persistently without losing the red thread?
  • Can I work and research independently?
  • Do I wish to devote several years of my life to the doctorate and put back other activities?
  • What are the plans for my life and family?
What Is My Motivation? 
  • Which long-term goals do I pursue with the doctorate?
  • Do I consider a doctorate just because I do not know which other option to choose?
Possible Reasons in Favor of a Doctorate:
  • You want to study a research issue or topic out of your scientific interest.
  • You aim for a scientific career.
  • Studies of your subject are completed by a doctorate as a rule.
  • The doctorate increases your chances in the labor market and is advantageous for your career.