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KHYS Registration Portal

As of January 01, 2015, conclusion of doctoral agreements and subsequent central registration of doctoral candidates with KHYS shall be mandatory at KIT. Both prerequisites have to be fulfilled for acceptance by a KIT department. The legal basis is Article 38, paragraph 5 of the Law of Baden-Württemberg on Universities and Colleges.

These new obligations shall apply to all doctoral candidates, who were not accepted by a KIT department on January 01, 2015.


Requirements for registration with the KHYS Registration Portal:

  • You were not accepted by a KIT department on January 01, 2015.
  • You concluded a doctoral agreement with your first advisor.


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Information on Registration and the New Procedure to Start a Doctorate at KIT as of January 01, 2015:



The above order must be observed. Registration with KHYS takes place after the conclusion of the doctoral agreement only.

Note your department’s regulations for obtaining a doctorate and the information given on your department’s webpage.

  1. Conclusion of a doctoral agreement: Directly after the promise of acceptance, the first advisor and doctoral student conclude a doctoral agreement (Art. 38, par. 5, Law of Baden-Württemberg on Universities and Colleges) >> Doctoral agreement

  2. Registration with KHYS

    2.1 Login with the KHYS Registration Portal: For registration, a KIT account/user account is required. With the registration name (of the type “ab1234”) and the password of your KIT account, you can log in at the login of the Registration Portal. >> Information on the KIT account

    2.2 Complete the registration form. Enter the data on your doctoral project in the registration form. The entries have to agree with the data given in your doctoral agreement! Please note that you have to close all browser windows to log out securely! 

    2.3 Confirmation of registration: You will receive a confirmation of registration in writing by KHYS within 14 days. Submit this confirmation (PDF file), together with your request for acceptance, to your department. With your registration, you automatically become a member of KHYS. >> Information on KHYS membership
  3. Request for acceptance to a KIT department: Following registration, submit a request for acceptance to your KIT department as soon as possible, at the latest within six months upon the conclusion of the doctoral agreement. >> Information on acceptance as a doctoral candidate


Kindly note the further information on KHYS membership and the modification of your data.


If you have questions or need to update your information, please contact Gaby Weick.





How Do I Get a KIT Account with a “∂kit.edu” E-mail Address?

For Employees of KIT

Doctoral students employed by KIT will automatically be given a KIT account upon activation, together with a KIT registration name of the type "ab1234" as well as an e-mail address of the type firstname familynameCqh9∂kit edu.


For Scholarship Holders or External Doctoral Students

All doctoral students paid from other funds (e.g. scholarship holders and external doctoral students) may also be given a KIT account with an electronic mail address of the type firstname familynameLfu4∂kit edu or firstname familynameWxu0∂partner kit edu via their supervisor*. First, contact the responsible person of your institute. In most cases, the head of your institute/division will decide, who will be given a KIT account.

Technical installation of your account via the so-called Guest and Partner Administration (GuP) will usually be accomplished by the administrators of your institute.


* These accounts are partly limited in time (for example for foreign doctoral researchers who are not yet at KIT and / or whose admission requirements for acceptance at a KIT department are not yet ensured).

This KIT account (for employees or via GuP) will be maintained, even if you enroll as a doctoral student with the Students’ Office and will also be given an account with the mail address “@student.kit.edu”.




Doctoral Agreement

Directly after the promise of acceptance, the first advisor and the doctoral candidate conclude a doctoral agreement. The first advisor usually is the first supervisor of the doctoral thesis and the oral examination.

Conclusion of the doctoral agreement shall not replace submission of the request for acceptance as a doctoral candidate to a KIT department.

The doctoral agreement is designed to establish a transparent relationship between the doctoral candidate and the doctoral advisor with respect to contents and time.

It is therefore important that advisors and doctoral students jointly discuss the contents of the doctoral agreement. In this way, common understanding of mutual expectations relating to the doctoral project is ensured. At regular intervals, the contents of the doctoral agreement shall be reviewed and updated.

For reasons of legal certainty and to ensure comparable and transparent framework conditions of doctoral studies for all doctoral students of KIT, a doctoral agreement for the KIT was developed under the direction of Vice President Professor Alexander Wanner by the Service Unit for Higher Education Law and Academic Affairs (DE HAA) in cooperation with all KIT departments, KHYS, representatives of the convention of academic and scientific employees, and PaKIT. More information is given in a handout.


>> Download of the doctoral agreement and handout relating to the doctoral agreement on the KIT intranet (see HAA website).

Note: Some departments have adopted own doctoral regulations. Please note the information given on the webpage of your department or contact the responsible persons directly.



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