KHYS – Your Advantages

If you are a doctoral or postdoctoral researcher at KIT, the KHYS is your main port of call. As a member of the KHYS Network, you will gain access to all services and benefits offered by KIT. 

Join the KHYS Network today and profit from a multitude of benefits:

Your Gateway to all KHYS Services

As a KHYS member, you are welcome to make use of all KHYS services. You can profit from the KHYS scholarships, further education opportunities and much, much more...  

Be the First to Secure Your Place

Places in our events and further education seminars are limited. As a KHYS member, you will be informed about new offers in good time so that you can be the first to secure your place.

Always Be Well Informed

If we become aware of any new offers, job advertisements, scholarship availabilities or funding opportunities, we will inform you of these regularly and promptly via e-mail.

Never Miss a Deadline

Many scholarships have deadlines. We will remind you of deadlines that are soon to expire in good time, allowing you to make the most of all opportunities.

All the Services that Suit You at a Glance

We will not only keep you informed about all KIT internal services, but also about external events and offers in which you may be interested. Thanks to this service, you will no longer need to spend valuable time searching external websites.

Always Be in the Loop

We will promptly inform you of any changes made to our services with regard to deadlines, dates and content.

▶ Registration in Docata for doctoral researchers at KIT

▶ Registration in the KHYS network for postdocs