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Your Contact Partners

If you have questions and wishes, contact us. We are glad to help and look forward to talking to you.

KHYS Office
Name Title Activity Phone E-Mail
Dr. Director +49 721 608-46942 britta trautweinEzj1∂kit edu
Dr. Deputy director, support of structured PhD program initiatives (GRK, GRS, etc.), quality assurance, KIM-DOC project manager +49 721 608-45737 gabriele gregolecJru0∂kit edu
M.A. Secretary, Research Travel Grant, KHYS Network, Registration as doctoral researcher at KIT +49 721 608-46185 gaby weickIwr5∂kit edu
Dr. Academic Coordinator of quality management, promotion and IT support +49 721 608-46210 michael craanenXjl3∂kit edu
M.A. Advisory services, awards and scholarships, KHYS-Newsletter, KIT Doctoral Award, conventions of doctoral researchers +49 721 608-46223 dorit dietel-kronwaldFnh4∂kit edu
Dr. Academic Coordinator, support of structured PhD program initiatives (GRK, GRS, etc.), quality assurance, KHYS further education opportunities +49 721 608 46186 stefan goetzeZnr4∂kit edu
M.A. Academic Coordinator/Project Manager Internationalization Program, advisory services +49 721 608-46209 jutta klein-hitpassMrk2∂kit edu
Dr. Contribution to project KIM DOC +49 721 608-46224 simone naumannZmo1∂kit edu
Dr. Academic Coordinator for Postdocs, consulting and support +49 721 608-46941 amanda sahrbacherOln4∂kit edu
M.A. Academic Coordinator, Inquiries, advisory services, Graduate Funding from the State of BW, Event Planning Support, Internship Grant, Networking Grant, Foyergespräche, KIT PhD Days +49 721 608-45293 jana schmittHhz8∂kit edu
Dipl.-Phys. Member of the project team KIM-DOC +49 721 608-41921 zacherleSjd5∂kit edu

Student and Scientific Assistants
Name Title Phone E-Mail
+49 721 608-41922 (Di, Mi, Fr) yesim asciGrd0∂partner kit edu
B.A. +49 721 608-46224 (Di, Mi) secguel bagli9Thj9∂kit edu
M.Sc. +49 721 608-47042 (Di - Do) meryem coemertKrl6∂partner kit edu
M.Sc. +49 721 608-41922 (Mo-Mi, Fr) andreas hahmannIck2∂kit edu
+49 721 608-46224 (Mo, Fr) hanna kaufmann9Mjy6∂kit edu
Dipl., M.Sc. +49 721 608-47042 (Mo, Mi, Do) alexander mahlerHks0∂partner kit edu
M.A. +49 721 608-47042 (Di und Fr) katherine mahlerIrv2∂kit edu
M.A. +49 721 608-47042 (Mo, Di, Do, Fr) viola schroff9Lxw8∂kit edu
B.Sc. +49 721 608-47042 (Di und Fr) bektas tekerYuk2∂partner kit edu

YIN Office
Name Title Activity Phone E-Mail
M.A. Administrative and organizational assistance of Young Investigator Network (YIN) +49 721 608-46184 geschaeftsstelleJte6∂yin kit edu