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Geb. 30.96
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KIT-Doktorandentage | Services and offers for doctoral researchers at KIT
15.03.2017, 11:30 - 12:30
Geb. 30.96,
SR 006

Straße am Forum 1
76131 Karlsruhe

No more places available. If you apply you will be set on the waiting list!


In this series of short presentations, several administrative units of KIT will inform about their services and support measures for doctoral researchers.

International Scholars & Welcome Office (IScO):
The International Scholars & Welcome Office (IScO) at KIT is the central contact point for everything related to the international mobility of researchers. IScO supports international researchers, lecturers, PhD students, postdocs and scholarship holders who come to KIT for a research stay. It also offers advice to KIT scientists who plan to go abroad or return from abroad.

Personalentwicklung und Berufliche Ausbildung (PEBA):
The Department for Personnel Development (PEBA) offers continuing education, coaching and counselling for all KIT-members. One of our key competences is to support the learning processes of individuals and teams. For PhD students we provide a broad range of trainings on science related topics like scientific presentation or project management. Focusing on different aspects of personal and professional competences we offer various qualification programs like Keys2Competence (K2C) and the mentoring-program X-Ment. To enhance professional skills in teaching we also carry through the Hochschuldidaktikzertifikat (HDZ). On request we develop specific concepts for teams and institutes at KIT.

Innovation and Relation Management (IRM) - Career Service and Alumni (CSA):
The KIT Career Service and Alumni (CSA) is in charge of supporting students and doctoral students starting a professional career in industry and of the alumni network. Therefore CSA offers a wide range of activities: Career Fairs, Job Talks, an online JobPortal, company-meets-campus events, personal trainings, and events for alumni. CSA holds strong contacts to hundreds of companies from all business branches. Furthermore, IRM is responsible for identifying potential innovations in cooperation with science, fundraising and sponsoring issues as well as the management of foundations like the KIT Stiftung.


Councils of Doctoral Researchers at KIT:
The 2014 reform of the State Law on Universities introduced councils of doctoral researchers at the universities of Baden-Wuerttemberg. At KIT, all doctoral researchers admitted by a KIT-department are members of the council pertaining to their KIT-department. The councils promote networking among doctoral researchers and allow participation in matters of university policy and academic self-government.

This lecture is open to doctoral researchers at the KIT (KHYS members) and students, interested in doing a PhD at KIT.

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Diese Veranstaltung ist Teil der Reihe KIT-Doktorandentage 2017
Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS)
Straße am Forum 3
76131 Karlsruhe
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