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Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS)

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Internship Grant

The Internship Grant offers doctoral researchers at KIT the opportunity to supervise a Master's student from abroad during a six to twelve-week internship at KIT. The application will be made jointly by the doctoral researcher and the intern and in close cooperation with the supervising professor at KIT. The Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS) will pay out a flat-rate travel and subsistence allowance for the intern’s stay. The KIT doctoral researcher provides professional support and assists the intern with regard to administrative issues or questions concerning working at KIT or living in Karlsruhe.

The Internship Grant gives doctoral researchers at KIT the chance to increase their intercultural competences and improve their language and leadership skills. Furthermore, all parties involved profit from the opportunity to expand their international network.

For more information please refer to the current call for applications.

In addition a PDF file containing all information is available for printing.


The Internship Grant offers various chances and opportunities:

For the KIT doctoral researcher

  • Improving intercultural competences
  • Improving language skills
  • Increasing leadership skills
  • Fostering his/her international network 
  • Support by the intern for six to twelve weeks
  • The option for taking part in an introductory buddy training

For the intern

  • Gaining work experience abroad
  • Improving intercultural competences
  • Fostering his/her international scientific network
  • Gaining an insight into a German scientific work environment and a German university/research institute (KIT)
  • Gaining an impression of German academic culture

For the supervising professor at KIT

  • Qualification opportunities for the KIT doctoral researcher
  • Meeting a potential future doctoral researcher from abroad


Target group

  • Doctoral researchers at KIT and their supervising professors
  • Master's students from abroad with a Bachelor’s degree


Scope of funding

  • The intern will be paid a flat-rate travel allowance specified by DAAD according to the country of departure [DAAD list of flat-rate sums (German only)].
  • The intern will be paid a flat-rate subsistence allowance of €650 for each month or 162.50 for each week respectively.
  • The KIT doctoral researcher will have the option for taking part in an introductory buddy training.



“The Internship Grant gives you a great way to gain skills and knowledge, especially if you know beforehand what you want to learn. It’s also a wonderful way to gain international contacts because it makes travelling abroad and living here practically effortless. I appreciate very much the fact I had a chance to spend almost three months at KIT working with great people.” (Visiting intern from Russia)

“I would absolutely recommend this Internship Grant. The scientists and students at KIT conduct state-of-the-art measurements and are very kind and support politely.” (Visiting intern from Japan)

“The KHYS Internship Grant is a great new funding measure that fosters both international exchange and early leadership experience for KIT researchers.” (KIT doctoral researcher)

“It was simply fantastic to see the smooth functioning of the whole process and the great support offered by KHYS and I would personally recommend to the students out there who are constrained by inadequate finances but have the desire to do research at KIT. You have good support here!” (Visiting intern from India)



Please refer to our FAQ for any questions you may have concerning the Internship Grant. If you have further questions regarding the Internship Grant please feel free to contact Andreas Hahmann or write an e-mail to internshipgrant∂khys.kit.edu.


This measure is promoted by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.