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Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS)

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  KHYS-Handbuch Promovieren am KIT
Guide for Doctoral Researchers

Guide and information brochure for postgraduates and doctoral researchers

The guide provides comprehensive information about doing a doctorate at KIT. It will guide interested postgraduates from the first consideration to the successful completion of the doctorate. Apart from providing basic information – e.g. on admission and other formal requirements, supervision and funding – the guide contains information on services and contact persons.


“Doing your doctorate at KIT” is currently only available in German.
An English version is being prepared.

E-Book (online)             PDF (Download)
 Vorschaubild Handbuch Promotion      Vorschaubild Handbuch Promotion


Important amendment as of January 01, 2015:

As of January 01, 2015, conclusion of a doctoral agreement and central registration of doctoral students with KHYS shall be mandatory at KIT. Both prerequisites have to be fulfilled for acceptance by a KIT department. The legal basis is Article 38, par. 5 LHG.

These new obligations shall apply to all doctoral candidates, who were not accepted by a KIT department on January 01, 2015.


New procedure to start a doctorate at KIT as of January 01, 2015:

The order of the steps indicated below must be observed. Registration with KHYS takes place after the conclusion of the doctoral agreement only.

  1. Conclusion of a doctoral agreement: Directly after the promise of acceptance, the first advisor and doctoral student conclude a doctoral agreement (Art. 38, par. 5, Law of Baden-Württemberg on Universities and Colleges) >> Doctoral agreement
  2. Send a copy of the doctoral agreement to the dean’s office of your KIT department. >> KIT departments
  3. Registration with KHYS

    3.1 Login with the KHYS Registration Portal: For registration, a KIT account/user account is required. With the registration name (of the type “ab1234”) and the password of your KIT account, you can log in at the Registration Login.

    3.2 Complete the registration form. Enter the data on your doctoral project in the registration form. The entries have to agree with the data given in your doctoral agreement!

    3.3 Confirmation of registration: You will receive a confirmation of registration in writing by KHYS. Submit this confirmation, together with your request for acceptance, to your department. With your registration, you automatically become a member of KHYS. >> Information on KHYS membership

  4. Request for acceptance to a KIT department: Following registration, submit a request for acceptance to your KIT department as soon as possible, at the latest within six months upon the conclusion of the doctoral agreement. >> Information on acceptance as a doctoral candidate



For reasons of legal certainty and to ensure comparable and transparent framework conditions of doctoral studies for all doctoral students of KIT, a doctoral agreement for the KIT was developed under the direction of Vice President Professor Alexander Wanner by the Service Unit for Higher Education Law and Academic Affairs (DE HAA) in cooperation with all KIT departments, KHYS, representatives of the convention of academic and scientific employees, and PaKIT. More information is given in a handout (download on the KIT intranet: PDF file german, DOC file german, PDF file english, DOC file english).

The KHYS Registration Portal for doctoral students can be found here.


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