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Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS)

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76131 Karlsruhe

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Geb. 30.96
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Further Information

Here, you will find further information on:

  • Acceptance as a Doctoral Candidate by a KIT Department >> info
  • Modification of Your Data >> info
  • Your KHYS Membership >> info
  • KHYS Information Mails >> info




Acceptance as a Doctoral Candidate by a KIT Department

The procedure for acceptance as a doctoral candidate is outlined in the regulations for obtaining a doctorate of your department.

Only upon acceptance by your department is it ensured that you really fulfill the admission requirements for a doctorate at KIT. Upon acceptance, the KIT department shall be obliged to ensure scientific supervision of your doctorate. This may become relevant, if your advisor will not be able to further supervise your doctorate, e.g. in the case of a disease or when he/she moves to another university.

As of January 01, 2015, conclusion of a doctoral agreement and registration with KHYS shall be required at KIT prior to the acceptance as a doctoral candidate.

After registration with KHYS, the request for acceptance is to be submitted to your department as soon as possible, at the latest within six months upon the conclusion of the doctoral agreement.

A copy of the confirmation of registration shall be enclosed with the request for acceptance to be submitted to your department.

An overview of the steps needed to start a doctorate at KIT and general information on a doctorate at KIT is given in the Guide for Doctoral Researchers.




Modification of Your Data

Kindly inform KHYS immediately about any modification of your registered data (e.g. family name) by electronic mail to registrierung-doc∂khys.kit.edu or by ordinary mail. This shall also apply, if you terminate your planned doctoral project. In this case, please indicate the date of termination of your doctoral project.




Your KHYS Membership

With your registration, you will automatically become member of KHYS for the time of your doctoral research phase and will be able to profit from the services of KHYS.

Your membership shall be subject to your submission of the request for acceptance to your department in due time and approval of your request by the department.

Your membership shall terminate automatically upon the successfully completion of your oral doctoral examination (thesis defense and viva voce).

In addition, your membership shall terminate, if you or your advisor cancel the doctoral agreement and you stop the doctoral project. In this case, kindly inform us about the date of termination of your doctoral project.




KHYS Information Mails

KHYS informs regularly about KHYS services, such as training courses, stays abroad, funding options, doctoral awards, and about doctoral studies at KIT. You can subscribe or unsubscribe any time by sending an electronic mail to info∂khys.kit.edu.