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Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS)

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76131 Karlsruhe

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Geb. 30.96
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Submission of the application:

For more information please refer to the current grant announcement. Please bear in mind, that the funding is exclusively for establishing new contacts and is supposed to prepare you to establish more new contacts on your own in future. Therfore this program does not support research stays with existing contacts or conference visits.


Selection process/grant approval:

The selection process takes place after the announced deadline for each funding period. We will let you know about the results of your application in written form. Please refrain from application requests during that time.


Kick-off workshop:

During a one-day workshop you will work collectively on several strategies how to establish international contacts and networks effectively. The aim is to develop your wishes and ideas and eventually put them in concrete terms by the aid of the available funds. Participation is obligatory to claim the funding.


Planning of the contact(s):

After the kick-off workshop you will contact the researcher or working group you want to meet and plan your trip.


First appointment at KHYS:

At the latest four weeks before the trip, you will come to KHYS and submit the payment in advance form, the travelling application of Campus South and the document "Information about the contact person". If you want to visit another contact person than stated in the application form, please submit as well the form "Application New Contact" and make sure that your supervising professor has signed the form. If you have already paid bills, e.g. a bill for the flight, you can bring the respective bill and the bank statement with the debit to the first appointment at KHYS. This amount may possibly be transferred at an earlier date to your bank account. If you are employed at the Large-Scale Research Sector, you also need to submit a copy of the travelling application of Campus North. Please make an appointment at KHYS in advance.


Advance payment:

Usually, the travel expenses advance payment of €1,500 will be transferred to your bank accont four weeks prior to the beginning of the trip. If you brought a bill and the bank statement with the debit to the first appointment at KHYS, this amount may possibly be transferred at an earlier date to your bank account.

Please note: The advance payment cannot be made during or after your trip and the final accounting after your trip may take some time. Thus, if you do not apply for the advance payment early enough, the reimbursement of your expenses may take several weeks after your trip.



You will travel abroad for up to two weeks to visit a researcher or working group renowned in your area of expertise and in relation to your research project. You can split the funding and visit up to two contacts (each for maximum two weeks). However, please be aware that you have to visit different hosts with each trip and it is not possible to visit the same contact multiple times. If you plan two trips, please inform us before the first appointment at KHYS. The stay has to takes place within the time period mentioned in the grant announcement you applied for. Postponements of your trip beyond that time period are not possible.


Second appointment at KHYS:

After your trip you will come to KHYS and bring all documents for final accounting. Please make an appointment at KHYS within the first eight weeks after the trip.

Concerning the final accounting the provisions in the information sheet, you receive together with your grant approval, apply. The actual expenses for your trip (in particular accomodation, flights, public transport, visa if applicable) can usually be accounted. However, additional allowances (e.g. daily allowances) or other expenses for meals etc. cannot be reimbursed within the framework of the Networking Grant. You may find further details concerning the accounting in the FAQ.

If your institute agrees, reimbursement of further travelling expenses via your institute is generally possible, but only in form of a subsequent billing after you have been reimbursed for your travel costs through the Networking Grant.



In case the travel expenses add up to less than the maximum of €1,500, you will receive a reclaim of KHYS of the respective remaining amount after the stay abroad. You will have to transfer the reclaimed amount within two weeks to an indicated bank account.


Final report:

After having received the final accounting of the travel expenses, you will submit your final report [Downloads] within four weeks to networkinggrant∂khys.kit.edu.


Wrap-up workshop (will take place for the last time in November 2019):

After having entered the international stage, you will reflect your experiences collectively in a half-day wrap-up workshop.



Participation in the workshops and reporting obligations is mandatory in order to join in the Networking Grant.