Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS)

KHYS membership

Your KHYS membership is your ticket to our wide range of services. As a member you have access to all the advantages and services KHYS has to offer and you will be informed about all the possibilities provided by KIT.

If you are doing a doctorate at one of the eleven KIT departments, your registration via the central web portal Docata automatically makes you a member of KHYS.

This membership is valid under the condition that you hand in your (timely) application for acceptance at your KIT department and you have been accepted by your department.

Your membership automatically ends with the successful completion of your oral exam (disputation or doctoral vita.)

Your membership also ends when you or your supervisor cancels the doctoral agreement, when you are not pursuing your research project any longer. In that case, please let us know the date of ending your project.

If you are accepted as a doctoral researcher at a different university but your central research location is at KIT you can become a member of KHYS by registering via the KHYS network.

If you are working as a postdoc at KIT for a limited time of up to three years you can register via the KHYS network and as a member profit from the KHYS services.