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Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS)

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76131 Karlsruhe

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Geb. 30.96
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As soon as your application has been approved, you and the aspirant will be notified via e-mail. The notification of approval will contain information on the amount of funding that will be paid out. Please note that double funding is not permitted. Attached to the e-mail there will be a Written Statement of Commitment. Please sign it and send it back via internal mail ("Hauspost"). The aspirant will receive a Grant Agreement that he or she needs to sign. Here, it will at first be sufficient to send back the signed agreement with a digital or scanned-in signature. Once the aspirant arrives at KIT, he or she will have to sign the original agreement. The aspirant will also receive an invitation letter that is needed for visa applications (if applicable).



If the aspirant needs a visa for coming to Germany, he or she should apply for it in good time. For the Aspirant Grant it will be sufficient to apply for a Schengen Visa (Category C) with the purpose of a business visit. Among other things the aspirant will have to provide a proof of accommodation for the stay in Karlsruhe. However, it will not be necessary to register with the City of Karlsruhe for such short-term stays. Finding accommodation in Karlsruhe is very difficult, which is why the KIT doctoral researcher who serves as the aspirant’s buddy shall help him or her in this regard. For short-term stays, guests can book a room at KIT‘s International Guesthouse or at the Gastdozentenhaus (house for guest lecturers). However, bookings have to be made well in advance. Additional accommodation possibilities are listed in the PDF file How to search for accommodation published by KIT International Affairs.

For any questions concerning the visa the aspirant should contact the respective German Embassy or German Consulate. KHYS will send out the invitation letter needed for the visa alongside the notification of approval. Please note that the Category C visa cannot be extended. It is therefore not possible for the aspirant to extend his or her stay at KIT in order to actually start the doctoral project discussed during the stay. He or she will first have to leave Germany and apply for another visa.


Payment arrangements:

KHYS will directly assign and pay out the grant to the aspirant. The grant payment will be made once the aspirant arrives in Karlsruhe. This means that the aspirant will have to pay for the journey in advance. The process for the payment will be defined for each aspirant individually. Please note that the amount of funding for travel expenses will only cover the flat-rate sum specified by DAAD depending on the country of departure [DAAD list of flat-rate sums (German only)]. The flat-rate subsistence allowance is €1,000 for one month. There will be no accounting according to the actual costs incurred. Should the actual length of stay be shorter than indicated in the application form and/or the notification of approval KHYS is entitled to reclaim the surplus.


Duty to report:

Please note that both you and the aspirant will have to send us a final report within two weeks after the aspirant’s stay at KIT. Templates for the report will be made available. The obligation to submit a report is a compulsory part of the Aspirant Grant. Please note that for evaluation reasons it is also necessary that you notify us should the Aspirant Grant result in an actual doctoral project.


Please refer to our FAQs for any questions you may have concerning the Aspirant Grant. If you have any further questions please contact Jutta Klein-Hitpaß.