Current call for applications

  • Application deadline: July 14, 2021
  • The provision of the funds can start on September 1, 2021, at the earliest. Selection decisions will be made in early August 2021 by members of the ▶ KHYS Steering Committee.
  • The main funding period is 2021. Funding should be completed by May 2022 at the latest.
Funding requirements
  • The doctoral researchers are doing their doctorate at KIT (i.e. have been accepted at a KIT Department or are doing their doctorate at another university, but are doing research on KIT topics on-site)
  • Membership of KHYS
  • Timely and complete application
Application documents
  • ▶ Application by the head of the institute financing the doctoral researcher and the supervisor authorized to administer doctoral examinations with the following contents:
    • Indication of the requested funding duration
    • Depiction of the doctoral researcher’s situation
    • Information regarding the feasibility of the completion of the dissertation within the funding period
    • Statement regarding the financial situation of the institute
    • Commitment by the institute that the funds will be repaid if the request for admission to the doctoral procedure is not submitted within six months after the end of the funding period
  • ▶ Statement of the doctoral researcher, in which the following is outlined:
    • Depiction of the progress of the doctorate
    • Explanation of the delays in the doctoral project1 caused by the restrictions, including a description of the doctoral researcher’s situation
    • Duration of the delays and indication of the planned end of the doctorate
    • Details of previous financing (type and duration)
  • Scan of acceptance as a doctoral researcher
  • ▶ Excel spreadsheet as a separate attachment and in Excel file format only

You can submit the documents in German or English. Ideally, all documents should be submitted in the above-mentioned order in one PDF file. Please send the documents to: ▶ notfallfonds∂

Selection criteria
  • Fulfilment of the funding requirements
  • Delays caused by restrictions implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic
  • Financial situation of the institute
  • Emergency situation of the doctoral researcher, if applicable also due to compatibility of doctorate and family
  • Feasibility of completing the dissertation within the funding period



1 These may be due to aspects such as limited access to laboratories, postponement of necessary (international) travel, completion of extraordinary tasks, limited exchange with supervisors, additional (child) care tasks.