Emergency Fund to Support the Conclusion of the Doctorate

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As a result of the restrictions implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are sometimes considerable delays in completing doctorates. The consequences of the restrictions were, for example, that laboratories could only be used to a limited extent, necessary (international) travel for field trips, measurements, etc. had to be postponed, contract work could not be commissioned, technical devices not put into operation, extraordinary tasks had to be completed, and children had to be looked after out of turn. In addition, some supervisors were not available to the usual extent for scientific exchange, especially if they also had children or relatives to look after and care for. The impact of this challenging situation means that also in 2022 in some cases, through no fault of their own, employment contracts of doctoral researchers expire before they have completed their doctorates, and due to a lack of financial resources on the part of the institutes, no or only limited follow-up funding is possible.

In order to support doctoral researchers and enable a successful completion, KHYS has set up an Emergency Fund to Support the Conclusion of the Doctorate. The aim of the measure is to support KIT doctoral researchers who were unable to work on their doctoral project as planned due to the restrictive measures and whose temporary funding is coming to an end without follow-up funding being available.

For more information on the KHYS emergency fund, please click on the links in the tiles below. In addition a ▶ PDF file containing all information is available for printing.


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Scope of funding: Payment of personnel costs at institutes for half-time positions (E13) of KIT doctoral researchers who are particularly affected by the restrictions implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic. The funds are provided for a period of three to six months in 2022.1


Framework condition: The institute in question must submit proof of submission of the doctoral researcher’s request for admission to the doctoral procedure to KHYS within six months after the end of the funding. The head of the institute, at which the doctoral researcher has been or will be employed, repays the funds if the request for admission to the doctoral procedure is not submitted within six months after the end of the funding.


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The program is not open for applications.

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Phone: +49 (0)721 608-41922

E-mail: notfallfonds∂khys.kit.edu


Contact person: ▶ Andreas Hahmann



1 The personnel costs are covered by KHYS through a transfer of the booking to a KHYS account. Co-financing by the institute to extend the percentage of the contract is possible. The doctoral researcher’s institute takes care of all administrative aspects, such as contract creation/renewal etc., and will contact the Human Resources (PSE) business unit accordingly. If no contract is concluded, KHYS will not cover the personnel costs. It may be advisable to clarify hiring requirements at an early stage. In the case of doctoral researchers who were previously financed by a scholarship, there are aspects that must be discussed with PSE in order to avoid disadvantages for the doctoral researcher. For doctoral researchers who have a student visa for their stay in Germany, please note that the employment contract can only cover 49%. This means that enrolment is still possible.