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Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS)

Straße am Forum 3
76131 Karlsruhe

Tel:  +49 (0)721 608-46185
Fax: +49 (0)721 608-46222

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July 2018
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August 2018

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  KHYS-Handbuch Promovieren am KIT

Welcome to the Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS)

Are you a doctoral or postdoctoral researcher and would you like to set the course for your current or future career? If so the Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS) will support you by providing you with advice, assistance and financial means.


  • individually advise, qualify, and support young scientists during their careers;
  • further develop the support of young scientists at KIT and maintain the quality of the doctoral research phase;
  • support coordinated research programs (e.g. research training groups) for the promotion of young scientists.




As of January 01, 2015, conclusion of doctoral agreements and subsequent central registration of doctoral candidates with KHYS shall be mandatory at KIT. Both prerequisites have to be fulfilled for acceptance by a KIT department. The legal basis is Article 38, paragraph 5 of the Law of Baden-Württemberg on Universities and Colleges.
These new obligations shall apply to all doctoral candidates, who were not accepted by a KIT department on January 01, 2015.
For the registration of these doctoral candidates, KHYS has established a separate registration portal on behalf of the Presidential Committee.
Hence, KHYS presently offers two different portals – one for doctoral candidates, who are obliged to register, and one for all other doctoral candidates and post-docs.


  • KHYS Registration Portal*
    All doctoral candidates, who were not accepted by a KIT department on January 01, 2015, shall be obliged to register with the newly established registration portal.

    >> To the KHYS Registration Portal

  • KHYS Network*
    The following doctoral candidates and post-docs of KIT are free to register with the KHYS network:
    • Doctoral candidates, who had already been accepted by one of the eleven KIT departments on January 01, 2015 or who had submitted a request for acceptance before January 01, 2015
    • Doctoral candidates, who conduct most of their research at KIT, but will pass their doctorate at another university
    • Post-docs*

    >>To the KHYS Network



Register First, then Profit!

By your registration with the KHYS Registration Portal or the KHYS Network, you will become member of KHYS. In this way, you will have the opportunity to profit from the variety of  KHYS offers. Here, all advantages are obvious at a glance.

If you have any questions and wishes, please do not hesitate to contact us.



*KHYS promotes postdoctoral researchers in the first postdoc phase (qualification/ orientation phase, which should last no longer than three years).



KIT News
Young Entrepreneurs in Science - Workshops for doctoral researchers

You almost made it, but you are not sure what to do after your PhD? This event will help you develop your own potential and expand your qualifications. In the interactive workshop series lasting several days you will learn more about yourself and the possibilities of translating your strengths and your creativity into concrete ideas with the help of practice-oriented methods and tools.


KIT News
Welcome event for doctoral researchers

Have you just started your doctoral research period? And would like to know more about the services offered at KIT for doctoral researchers? Then come and join other German and international KIT PhD students at the welcome event for doctoral researchers. In a presentation on March 8, 2018, we will give you plenty of information on how to best profit from the doctoral research period. 


KIT News
International Collaboration Package From now on, professors, heads of institutes, certified junior research group leaders at KIT and doctoral researchers of KIT can apply for the KHYS "International Collaboration Package" funding measure. The modular funding package supports the sustainable establishment of doctoral mobility through international cooperation.

KHYS-Further education program January-June 2018

In 2018, KHYS offers a large variety of advanced training courses which are usually free of charge for all KHYS members. The program includes courses in management, research & communication, doctoral & careers advice as well as languages. An overview of the program for the first half of 2018 can be found in this flyer.


Ideenwettbewerb EnergieCampus 2017

On the 17th of November, the final symposium of the EnergieCampus 2017 of the Stiftung Energie & Klimaschutz Baden-Württemberg took place, in which 23 doctoral students from all over Germany presented their submissions as posters. Among the winner names were Christoph Hank of the KIT together with Mohamed Ouda of the TU Munich (both from the Fraunhofer ISE). We congratulate and wish them much success.


Helmholtz doctoral award 2017 awarded

On September 14, 2017, six outstanding works of research were awarded with the Helmholtz doctoral prize. We're happy to announce that one of these prizes was awarded to Emma Järvinen (KIT, research area earth and environment). We wish her success in her future carreer.


KIT News
Ombudspersons for doctoral researchers and supervisors at KIT The Ombudspersons act as contact persons in cases of conflicts or disputes between doctoral researchers and supervisors during the doctoral research phase. Doctoral researchers and supervisors are free to initiate contact with any Ombudsperson at any point. They can decide for themselves whom they wish to address irrespective of they research background.


The blog presents the exciting and diverse faces of the Helmholtz Association, presents experts and topics from the broad field of talent promotion and career development in science and provides insights into what is done day-to-day in the Helmholtz Association to make it not only an outstanding scientific institution, but also an inspiring workplace for all employees.


KIT News
KIT pool of skills is online!

All employees as well as guests and partners of KIT are invited to present their professional thematic spectrum within KIT. The pool offers the possibilities of assignment to KIT centers and their topics and research concerning them, as well as the integration of own publications.


Das neue KHYS-Handbuch für Promovierende ist da!
KHYS guide for doctoral researchers

The e-book provides you with information, tips and numerous services concerning your doctorate at KIT.


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