KIT PhD Symposium


KIT Opening Speech: Professor Dr. Löhe (KIT vice president of Research and Information)

expected scientific experts are:    

Prof. Dr. Kramer (Institut für Geographie und Geoökologie, South)
Prof. Dr. Reussner (, South)
Prof. Dr. Cato (ITG, North)
Prof. Dr. Nirschl (MVM, South)
Prof. Dr. Lemmer (Lichttechnisches Institut, South)
Dr. Möhler ( IMK, North)
Dr. Pfeifer ( IMVT, North)
Dr. Knebel (Programm Nuklear, North)
Dr. Gompper ( INE, North)
Dr. Hegenbart ( ISF, North)
Dr. Breustedt ( ISF, North)
Dr. Steffen Scholpp ( ITG, North)
Dr. Dominic von Terzi (ITS, South)
Dr. Martin Nöllenburg (Algorithms for Geovisualization, South)

rhetorical experts are:  

Katrin Klink, M.A. 
Nathalie Baumeister, M.A.  


The KIT PhD Symposium will be held in two parallel sessions of oral presentations and poster sessions.

  • 08.30 am         Registration
  • 09.10 am         KIT Opening Speech (Prof. Dr. Löhe)
  • 09.30 am         Poster Session 1 (with coffee)
  • 10.15 am         Talk Session 1
  • 11.15 am         Coffee Break
  • 11.45 am         Talk Session 2
  • 12:45 pm         Lunch
  • 01.30 pm         Talk Session 3
  • 02.30 pm         Poster Session 2 (with coffee)
  • 03.15 pm         Talk Session 4
  • 04.15 pm         Poster Session 3 (with coffee)
  • 05:00 pm         Symposium get-together (with light snacks & refreshments)
  • open end         and award ceremony