KIT PhD Symposium


In order to give a talk, it is not essential to have outstanding results: we also support presentations of new methods and interesting techniques related to the project.
Oral presentations shall be kept quite general, understandable for everyone and will be restricted to 10 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of discussion. For more information please see the guidelines for presentation!

And the PPT templates for your presentation are to be found here!



Agenda of talks:

Session A
9:40A Kreuchauff, Florian (IWW - chair in economic policy)
Nanotechnology as General Purpose Technology

9:55A Kreppenhofer, Kristina (Institute of Microstructure Technology - Zoological Institute II)
Polycarbonate microfluidic chip for the analysis of stem cell differentiation

10:10A Anzt, Hartwig (Institute for Applied and Numerical Mathematics)
Hardware-Aware Models for Energy Efficiency in Simulation-Based Research

10:25A Bär, Julian (Institute of Chemical Technology and Polymer Chemistry)
Catalytic Ignition of Light Hydrocarbons over Rhodium and Aluminiumoxide by using a stagnation point flow reactor

Session B
9:40B Bork-Unkelbach, Annika (IMK ASF)
Extrapolation of in-situ measurements of land surface temperature LST to satellite spatial resolution

9:55B Stoll, Dominic Alexander (Max Rubner-Institut Department of Safety and Quality of Fruits and Vegetables)
Biosynthesis of mycotoxins as an adaptation to different habitats

10:10B Ahmad, Ruaa (Institute of Catalysis Research and Technology)
Direct Synthesis of DME from CO-rich Synthesis Gas

10:25B Mehdi, Anees (Institute AIFB)
Nonmonotonic Reasoning in Ontologies

Session A
11:10A Mirashrafi, Seyed Bagher (Institute for Economic Theory and Statistics)
The impact of family background and socioeconomic status on university admission in Iran

11:25A Sokolovskaya, Ekaterina (IFG)
Preparation of functionalized epoxides for biofunctional polymer hydrogels

11:40A Iglesias Sanchez, Patricia (IPD Chair Professor Boehm)
Outlier Mining based on Context Analysis

11:55A Bickel, Katrin (Institute of Physical Chemistry)
Understanding the thermodynamics of apparently simple electrochemical processes

Session B
11:10B Spitz, Stefanie (Institute for Applied Materials)
Composition and microstructure of rf magnetron sputter deposited CrZrO thin films

11:25B Nabulsi, Ahmad Al (Institute for Biomedical Engineering)
New Modification of Lambert Beers Law for Accurate Noninvasive Hemoglobin Measurements

11:40B Vogel, Benjamin (Chair for Embedded Systems)
Application -Directed Dynamic Power Management

11:55B Cheng, Yin (Institute for Synchrotron Radiation ANKA Light Source)
Synchrotron-radiation computed laminography at ANKA s TopoTomo beamline