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KIT PhD Symposium 2017

Supported by Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS)

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Award Winners

Award Winners 2017

Prof. Wanner awards Linda Schneider with the Presentation Audience Award

Prof. Wanner awards Julia Schreier with the Best Presentation Award

Prof. Wanner awards Diana Gudu with the Best Poster Award

Prof. Wanner awards Olimpia Bruno with the Best Poster Award

Prof. Wanner and Christoph Schied awarded with the Poster Audience Award

KIT PhD Symposium 2017


High five!

a bit of sports...

a bit of sports...

Key-note speech: Prof. Dr. Dr. Rafaela Hillerbrand: "Scientific Integrity: How (not) to Foster Scientific Excellence"

Welcome notes from Dr. Britta Trautwein (director of KHYS)