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KIT PhD Symposium

Contact: phd-symposiumOuc7∂khys kit edu

Supported by Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS)

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Links and Photos

Photos of the Day at KIT PhD Symposium 2012

 Photos of prize winners and organising team

The best talk winners: Ruaa Ahmad (left) and Hartwig Anzt (right)

The best poster winners: Marco Fuchs (left), Hasan Arslan (middle) and Johannes Kunze von Bischoffshausen (right)

Yong Ding, Maria Buchholz, Marco Fuchs, Hasan Arslan, Johannes Kunze von Bischoffshausen, Britta Trautwein, Ruaa Ahmad, Hartwig Anzt, Tatjana Ladnorg and Sebastian Prock